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I've been getting a bunch of snide comments on this site...I don't know if they're from people reading this or spammers, but either way, I'm discontinuing this site and starting a new one. If you want the address, email me and I'll give it to you.
Thanks for reading!
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I think everyone who reads this knows by now...but just in case...
I'm officially an RN!! I took my boards on Wednesday and found out Thursday afternoon that I passed. I even got my official license in the mail today!
For the first time in 6 1/2 years, I come home from work and don't have any tests, papers, or projects hanging over my head. Love it!!
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Praying for Haiti

I'm watching the news coverage of Hurricane Gustav as it hits the Gulf Coast, and I feel horrible for all the people who are being displaced from their homes AGAIN. However, right now my heart aches for the people of Haiti, whose country was hit when the hurricane was at its strongest, and who do not have the advantage of free transportation out of danger, hoards of people rushing to their aid, and FEMA money to help them rebuild. Instead they watched their meager homes destroyed, what few crops they had washed away, their animals die, and their loved ones die. They must now depend on each other for support and the help of a few Christian (and other philanthropic) groups who are willing to reach out and help. I am sending money as a small way to help, but I'm praying for the Lord to open a door and send me! Here are a few pictures from Lifeline's website ( That is one of the Christian organizations that serves in Haiti, and the one with whom I did the medical missions trip in 2007.

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Just thinking & rambling...

Do you ever feel like you're wasting your life? I know that's kind of a deep thought for a Saturday night, but I'm sitting in my living room, watching the Olympics, and surfing the internet. Meanwhile, a friend of mine is serving as a medical missionary in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. He recently saved the life of a young man by correctly diagnosing a potentially fatal disease, if left untreated, and got him the medical assistance he needed. Right now, the people of Haiti are once again suffering from the effects of a tropical storm that ravaged their country, and the missionaries from places like Lifeline are there to help them as needed. Things like this are happening all over the world...but here I sit. I'm living the life you're supposed to live - career, house, family, etc. But what am I accomplishing for the Kingdom?

You can read all about Wes's work in Thailand at He has written some amazing journal posts.
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I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX exam on Wednesday, Sept. 3rd at 8:00 am. Please pray for me between now & then that I study well and do well on the test (and not have a panic attack!!).
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I presented my final research project this morning at 9am, and now I'M DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL!! It's hard to believe that after 6 1/2 years of school, I'm actually finished! It's a great feeling. I'm doing a review class for the NCLEX test tomorrow through Friday, then I start orientation next Monday.
Many thanks to everyone who has prayed for me and encouraged me over the past few years when things have been so crazy!
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Senior Trip

I just got back last week from the Senior Trip with our youth group. We take the students who have just graduated from high school on an 11-day trip out west for fun, challenges, and life lessons. We went to the Badlands, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, the Tetons, and Colorado for white water rafting. We had tons of fun, and they learned a lot too (as did I). We went through the ministry of Jesus in the book of Matthew and talked about how we "Live Christ" as adults. Just an example of our teaching....For the first night's lesson, we talked about Jesus fasted and spent 40 days & nights in the wilderness alone before beginning His ministry. So that night, we all fasted for dinner, then everyone had to sleep by themselves under the stars in the Badlands. It was scary for some of the kids, but a good way to experience being alone in the dark, a little scared, and needing to depend solely on God. They all did great and learned a little more about themselves that night.
I love working with this age-group of students. It's a fun opportunity to work with them as they struggle with figuring out what they want out of life, where God is leading them, and how they need to get there. Each student has a different struggle, but they all just want love, guidance, and acceptance. It's fun to see them work through these things and come out the other side a little stronger.
I posted some pictures in my picture gallery. I took about 300 pictures...but don't worry...I didn't post them all! :)

PS - I got a job!! I'll start at the Cardio-Vascular Critical Care Unit (CVCC) at Methodist Hospital on August 4th.
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Busy Summer

I know it's been way too long since my last post! Here's what's been going on since then...

I've been finishing up my last semester of nursing school in the summer, which means that they've taken a 16-week semester & squeezed it into 5 weeks. So I've been in clinicals 3 days a week (9 hours each day), plus 2 online courses, plus a 9-page paper. I'm happy to report that I've finished all of the homework for the online courses, I submitted my paper this weekend, and I only have 2 days of clinicals this week...then I'm done with all that! In 2 weeks I'll do my capstone, which is when I will work 112 hours with a nurse. I'm doing my capstone in the Cardiovascular Critical Care Unit at Methodist. After that, I'm done completely!!

In May, I got to travel to beautiful Sevierville, TN for an equally beautiful wedding. My cousin, Ben, was married in a lovely outdoor ceremony alongside a lake in the mountains. It was a very enjoyable day. I have pictures...I'll post them when I have time!

Since I figured I didn't have enough to do in my life, I agreed to plan an "Amazing Race" for the youth group! They went out last Wednesday night to 7 different pre-set locations around the westside and picked up clues that I had planted that led them to the next spot. Some groups did better than others...:) But I think everyone had a good time. Except of course, whoever it was that got ticked off, then TP'd my house that night!! :)

We have baby birds!! I have a hanging flower on my front porch, and a bird came and laid her eggs in it. I named her "Lily." I have no idea what kind of bird she is...if anyone knows by the picture, let me know! Anyway, her eggs hatched last week, so we've been watching the babies grow up. It's been so much fun - I'm going to be pretty sad when they fly away!

Yesterday was my in-laws' 40th anniversary, so we had a surprise party for them at the church. We put together a video of pictures from the past 40 years, invited tons of family & friends, and had plenty of food. About 60 people came through, and we had a great time. They were even surprised! I'll post those pictures too when I have a minute...

Finally, we've started building our ark. The storms have been crazy! We were at Deer Creek a couple of weeks ago for the Eric Clapton concert when the tornados came through. Needless to say, we were soaked to the bone by the time we got to our car. I've been amazed by the pictures of the flooding south of here, so I'm heading out this afternoon to go down there & work in a Red Cross shelter to help with the victims. I'm excited to actually be able to help!

Here's a couple of pictures...

Our baby birds

The storm:

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Not really that difficult

There's a public service ad on TV right now about the new law stating that you have to have picture ID to vote.  At the beginning of the ad, it shows a young lady saying "I heard there's a new law that says you need an ID to vote.  What does that mean for me?"

Ummmm....I'm not real sure.....but I think it means to BRING YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE!  I don't know...I could be misinterpreting the law....It's kind of obscure...

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Earlier this week, a guy was in a subway station in Dallas & stopped to give money to a homeless man.  Moments later, that man fell to the ground with a seizure.  The same homeless then came over to him, and instead of helping him or calling for help, he took the opportunity to steal the guy's wallet!
First of all, this is a horrible story & a despicable act!
However, I had to chuckle just a little bit when I thought about the comparison of Mr. Homeless Man to Mr. Politician.  Isn't that what our politicians do?  Beg for money during a campaign, then pick our pockets once they're in office??